The dream of a girl, of a woman, of a mother.

The dream of seeing your children grow up. Watching them play, jump, create, explore, run, study.

The dream of being made comfortable, safe and happy.

All those dreams, today they are not just dreams.

They are Marevapa.

A clothing brand designed so that children continue being children, doing childish things. A clothing brand designed as a companion. A playmate. Of studies. From day to day.

At Marevapa we understand fashion as a form of art, a way of expressing oneself; both for those who design it and for those who wear it.

Art & Joy defines us because it connects with the essence where everything is born, in the art of making an idea tangible. And it makes direct reference to the emotion, the joy of childhood, of living and exploring new paths.

  • In our slow fashion philosophy, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for our little ones and for the planet they will share. We strive to reduce our environmental impact at every stage of the process, from design to packaging, and we ensure that each garment is made with the same love and care we wish for our children.

  • Each garment that we design and produce is carefully made by expert hands in local workshops with meticulous monitoring of the entire production process.

    We are Made in Spain.

  • In our collections you will find noble materials, carefully selected taking into account their properties and quality certificates, as well as the environment.
    Impeccable manufacturing techniques, striving to offer clothing that is comfortable and resistant to children's daily wear and tear.

  • With our own designs and unique prints, we are inspired by the innocence and joy of childhood, offering garments that reflect the vibrant energy and inexhaustible curiosity of children.

  • Our creations are timeless. Made with the highest standards of quality and meticulous care for details, they are intended to last and be passed down, whether between siblings, friends or across generations.

  • We value local craftsmanship and are committed to supporting our local artisans.
    Our garments are made by hand in expert workshops according to the applied techniques and the prints are born from handmade drawings and watercolors.